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New commercial LED parking lot lighting can make a huge difference aesthetically and financially. We can install new fixtures or replace your old lighting with an LED retro fit kit from start to finish.

There are many benefits to installing new LED lights in your parking lot.

Parking lot LED lighting benefits include:

  • Reduction in Lighting Energy Usage
  • Protection of Your Property, People, and Assets
  • Creating Greater Eye Appeal and Professionalism While Reducing Costs
  • Longer Life Span, meaning Lower Maintenance Costs
Check out this link for further information on these LED lighting benefits.

Often times when installing new lighting asphalt and(or) concrete work is required for running new lines, etc. We are the perfect choice to install your LED parking lot lights because we are equipped to do the entire project.

The quality of your new parking lot LED lights is very important. There are many companies out there that will install cheap fixtures. “Something called Design Lights Consortium (DLC for short) qualifies products and lists them on their site if they pass vigorous tests set by them. They offer two types of listing: DLC standard and premium. As you can probably tell; premium just means that it's even that much more quality than standard. We recommend you only buy products that are DLC qualified and stay far away from those that are not. Not only are non-DLC qualified products not eligible for commercial rebates but they also prove to be lesser of quality.”

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