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As the #1 concrete contractor Rochester NY we have completed concrete projects of all shapes, sizes, and specifications. Whether its concrete repairs, a beautiful new stamped concrete driveway or commercial flat work we’ve got you covered. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, you can expect us to exceed your expectations. Some of our most common concrete applications include:
Every project is different, however, usually we use 5000 PSI concrete when the industry standard is only 3500 PSI. We always go above and beyond to ensure that your concrete project last for years and years.

While concrete may be little more expensive than other materials in the short term, the maintenance is less and the life expectancy is longer; therefore, concrete as an investment, is more wise than asphalt or patio pavers. There are many options as far as the look of concrete. There is the good old fashion white concrete. We can also can add a pigment, a texture, a design with multiple colors and more. Contact us today to start planning your concrete project.

Frequently asked questions about concrete:

What is concrete? Is it the same thing as cement?

Cement is the material used to make concrete. Concrete is what cement turns into once it hardens. However, Most people use these terms inter- changeably.

Are there different kinds of concrete?

There are many different styles and finishes giving a ton of variety to the end product of your concrete. The materials used to make concrete varies by region based on the aggregate available. There are also varying degrees of hardness.

Does concrete have to be grey?

No, there are many different colors and finishes.

Do I need a concrete contractor?

Yes, finishing concrete can be very technical.

What is proper curing and why is it important for quality concrete?

Proper curing for concrete is essential for longevity. The slower concrete cures the harder it becomes and the longer it last.

How long must my concrete driveway cure before I can drive on it?

7 days

What is concrete sealer and how often must it be applied?

Concrete should be finished with a “seal and cure” during the installation process, one year after the installation, and every 4-5 years after.

Is the process of installing concrete affected by weather?

It can not be raining during the installation. However, after about 3 hours rain will not affect the concrete and in fact will help it to cure harder.

Will concrete crack?

Concrete is going to crack. The key is telling it where to crack. This is why saw cuts and expansion joints are strategically placed. These cuts can be preformed while the cement is wet, or after it has been cured.

Do cracks indicate a structural problem?

It is likely that cracks in the concrete do NOT indicate a structural problem. It is common to get minor cracking in concrete. If the cracks are larger than 1/4”, It would be wise to have a professional look at it.

Why should I choose concrete over asphalt for my driveway when asphalt is less expensive?

Asphalt driveways are only cheaper initially. If asphalt is done correctly, there should be at least a 6-8 inch stone base. a 2.5 inch layer of Binder-asphalt and a 1.5 layer of fine top coat. Then it should be maintained with sealcoat emulsion every couple years. Doing all of this over 10-15 years will exceed the cost of a concrete driveway. Concrete is more durable than asphalt and last longer. Asphalt always moving-it is more a liquid than a solid and will take the shape of its underlying surface. Therefore, as earth settles over time the asphalt will follow suit causing sinking, cracking and pot-holes; concrete is strong enough to hold its integrity even with settling, so you are less likely to have problems with your concrete driveway.

Is there a recommended on-going maintenance program for my concrete driveway?

Concrete should be finished with a “seal and cure” during the installation process, one year after the installation, and every 4-5 years after.

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