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As commercial paving contractors in Rochester NY we can engineer and install your asphalt parking lot exactly as required. There are many different types of asphalt used for paving. The most common are Binder and 7F fine topcoat. However, a new trend in commercial paving is to use what is called a 6F material which is a combination of the Binder and 7F fine topcoat.

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The most common paving scenarios include:


The typical process involves excavating the designated area and grading. It is important to note that we recommend installing a drainage system before paving. After the excavation we then install stabilization fabric to ensure your base aggregate isn't contaminated by the sub-base and proper gradation is maintained. For commercial applications, 9-12 inches of DOT certified crusher run #1 stone is usually required. After the foundation has been established, a lift of binder asphalt is placed over the compacted stone. The thickness is determined by the use of the pavement and the vendor’s budget. We recommend installing at a thickness of at least 2.5-3 inches.


When the top layer of asphalt is deteriorating beyond what sealcoating can help, milling the existing surface can be a viable solution. Milling is grinding the parking lot down. We can mill to a depth of 12 inches, but most of the time 2 inches is all that’s required. We will take the top layer of asphalt off and scratch the surface of the underlying layer. Then we street sweep clean the surface and haul away all the debris. After that, we apply a tack coat (which is like glue for asphalt) and install asphalt over the prepared surface. Milling is only a good solution when the underlying layer is in decent shape. 6F or 7F fine topcoat asphalt is normally what is used over the prepared surface.


As the name implies, an overlay/resurface is a new layer of hot mix asphalt, generally 1.5 to 2 inches thick that is placed over existing pavement. There are 2 reasons a resurface may be used; it can be used as a "fix" for deteriorating asphalt or the finish coat for an existing binder. When a top coat is put on at the right time in the asphalt cycle, it can extend the life of the asphalt for up to 20 years! The condition of the existing asphalt, will determine the type of hot mix asphalt used. If the existing asphalt is in good shape, 7F fine top should be used at a thickness of 1-1.5 inches. If the existing asphalt is questionable, We recommend a 6F asphalt/ binder mix. 6F aggregate is large enough to bridge the small cracks of the underlying asphalt. The key to installing 6F correctly, is installing it at the proper thickness. 6F can never be installed under 1.5 inches and we recommend 2 inches for an overlay.

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