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Our Catch basin’s, also known as storm drains, are designed to drain excess rain and ground water from surfaces such as streets, parking lots, sidewalks, ect. Storm drains vary in design from small residential dry wells to large municipal systems.

When an area is engineered for drainage catch basins are installed to capture the run off. The problem is, over time, settling and erosion doesn’t allow the water to get to the storm drain. Another common problem adding to improper drainage is new developments. Adjacent properties may get developed which either changes the existing water run off direction or changes the volume of water causing the drainage system to be ineffective. Many times, we have to reset the exiting catch basin in their current location at the proper height. Other times we must look at the situation and add more drains to existing system.

Years ago, there were little or no parking lot drainage requirements when designing new developments. This has pushed off a lot of drainage problems to neighboring lots. The commercial drainage systems we design now use multiple catch basins in strategic locations and are engineered to handle a high volume of water.

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