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Asphalt repairs in Rochester NY consists of removing and replacing existing failed asphalt.

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The asphalt patch is excavated or milled to a specified depth, which is as deep or deeper than the existing asphalt. The failed material is hauled off-site for recycling. If there is an existing layer of asphalt underneath the failed layer, We then apply a tack coat. If the failed asphalt goes down to the base (the stone) the existing aggregate base in inspected for proper thickness, gradation and compaction. Typical base repair, if needed, consist of removal of contaminated aggregate and replacing with fresh DOT certified crusher run stone. DOT certified stone is inspected to make sure there is an even mixture of different size stones; these stones size is usually from 1 inch down to dust. This base is then compacted using vibratory compaction techniques.

For the pavement repairs, hot mix asphalt is placed at the specified depths such that it meets the existing grades flush. This is important because if this is a driveway repair or parking lot repair, there is the potential for a trip hazard if this newly installed surface does not have a smooth transition to the old surface.

We also recommend crack filling the seam where the new asphalt meets the existing.

Frequently asked questions about asphalt repairs & patching:

How do you repair asphalt cracks or potholes?

Cracks should be filled with a hot melted rubber, or an acrylic polymer based product flush with the asphalt. Pot holes should be filled with an asphalt product. Depending on the extent of damage, fixing a pothole may require sub-base repair and(or) removing more asphalt.

How much does asphalt repair cost?

The cost for crack fill and pothole repair is determined by the amount of material used and the extent of the damages.

Can you repair asphalt in the winter?

Yes, depending on the availability of asphalt (asphalt plants are open seasonally). Temporary fixes can be done in cold weather with “cold Patch”

Can you repair asphalt in the rain?

A light rain will not affect asphalt repair, a heavy down pour will prevent a cold patch from curing. If hot asphalt is available, and can be placed before it has cooled down, asphalt repair can be done in the rain.

Can you repair asphalt with concrete?

Asphalt can not be repaired with concrete. Asphalt and concrete have different expansion and contraction rates which cause a gap to form around the perimeter of the repair. Furthermore, there is not a good bond between the 2 different aggregates, causing the concrete to be “loose” and actually can come out of the hole and(or) start to break up.

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