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How To Repair And Clean Your Parking Lot

Regular asphalt parking lot maintenance is vitally important to extend the durability, functionality and curb appeal of your parking lot. 

So how should you care for your parking lot?

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Keep Your Parking Lot Clean to Make a Good First Impression

Is your business or property making a good first impression? An unsightly parking lot can drive away customers and tenants from your buildings. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider scheduling professional parking lot cleaning regularly:

  • A clean parking lot makes a good first impression on customers and tenants.
  • Regular street sweeping and maintenance extends the life of asphalt, especially porous asphalt.
  • A clean parking lot discourages littering. 
  • Clean parking lots minimize pollution to local waterways. 
  • A clean lot can protect your business from lawsuits. 
  • Proper cleaning and care prevents erosion. 
  • A clean exterior prevents rodents and other pests from moving in.

Cleaning Tips for Parking Lots

Extend the life of your parking lot surface with seasonal clearing. Whether your surface is asphalt, concrete or interlocking brick, using material-specific techniques and tools can help you remove tough surface stains. 

Cleaning or street sweeping your parking lot surface can make a big difference in the look, surface texture and overall lifespan of your parking lot. 

Regular cleaning will:

  • Remove surface dirt and debris.
  • Reveal necessary repairs, like growing cracks or potholes. 
  • Ensure that your asphalt does not get stained or damaged over time.
  • Clean away harmful vehicle fluids that can deteriorate your asphalt prematurely.
  • Save you money over time and keep your lot looking like new.
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