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Why Your Business Or Municipality Should Repair Potholes

Potholes are caused by the same science that makes a can of soda explode in your freezer - the expansion and contraction of water. Ground water gets under the pavement, expands when frozen, and contracts when it melts. The expansion bends and weakens the asphalt, and the contraction leaves gaps behind where the pavement can collapse and create a hole. This is why potholes multiply in spring as the ground thaws. 

If you require the expertise of a commercial pothole repair contractor or a municipal pothole repair contractor, our team of pothole repair contractors at Western NY Sealing & Paving have the information you need to know about asphalt pothole repair.

1. Pothole Repairs Prevent Further Damage 

One pothole can do a lot of damage to your entire driveway or parking lot. Here are three things to consider:

  • Water is the root cause of potholes.
  • Existing potholes let more water get in under the sub-surface of your pavement.
  • Repairing a potholes now will prevent the formation of larger potholes and more substantial asphalt pavement damage. 

2. Pothole Repair Now Will Reduce Long-Term Repair Costs

It can be tempting to ignore a couple of small potholes, but those small savings will have a big cost in the long run for your business or municipality. Remember, one pothole can lead to another.

  • Unrepaired potholes can grow and multiply with ongoing traffic and use, resulting in an even more expensive residential or municipal paving project. 
  • The small cost of preventative maintenance today will provide you with big savings in the future. 

3. Pothole Repair will Improve Curb Appeal

Many business and municipalities want to make improvements to property in the spring, as more people get outside.

  • What kind of first impression is your business or municipality making on visitors? 
  • Pothole repair and affordable options like sealcoating can help you keep your property looking great.  

4. Improved Safety

Potholes are more than just ugly, they can also be dangerous, causing damage to vehicles and potential trip and fall accidents for pedestrians. Keep your customers happy and protect your business by making sure that your commercial paving projects are in good condition.

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